Missions & Visions – Bộ môn NN&VH Việt Nam

Missions & Visions

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  • Build up program, design teaching & learning plan; organize teaching and testing processes for those modules which are assigned to the department according to the University’s master plan.
  • Manage staff members of the department
  • Manage the quality, content, and methodology of teaching and research activities of the department.
  • Compile textbooks for those modules which are assigned to the department by the Rector.
  • Improve teaching & learning methods, submit proposals concerning the addition and maintenance of teaching & learning tools as well as experimental facilities.   
  • Provide political & ideological education, and enhance professional skills for teaching staff. Support research staff  and train teaching staff for specialized modules.
  • Manage the departnment’s facilities
  • Cooperate with individuals and organizations outside of the University in accordance with the law for the purpose of accomplishing the department’s missions.
  • Carry out other tasks assigned to th department by the Rector.